Submissions Tracker spreadsheet - Fiction, Nonfiction, & Poetry

Arthur Klepchukov

When submitting your stories, poems, nonfiction, or other creative writing to literary journals and magazines, it's important to track what you sent, where, and when. Unlike Submittable, Duotrope, or The Submissions Grinder, this spreadsheet lets you track any opportunities you submit to—not just the ones that happen to be listed on those sites.

Start with this Submissions Tracker spreadsheet

  • submissions automatically calculate days waiting, highlight upcoming deadlines, and celebrate acceptances
  • a home for all your submitted writing organized by word count (fiction, nonfiction) or line count (poetry) to help you pick a length that fits the submission guidelines
  • quick statistics for each piece of writing you add—from pending to published
  • publications help you track payment, rights, and durations of those rights
  • yearly statistics help you build momentum 
  • automatically see: all the markets where you submitted a particular piece of writing
  • automatically see: everything submitted to a particular market

Why this template?

I've used this template to submit over 300 times since 2015 and earn publications from 6-word stories online to award-winning fiction in print. 

Budget's tight?

Email avk AT for a free template.

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Submissions Tracker spreadsheet - Fiction, Nonfiction, & Poetry

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